It Helps To Check: Getting A Price Check On Property

Why get an estimate on a quick home sale price from Synergy?

Well, really, why not?

In so many situations, it helps sellers to know where they stand, and to make other decisions about the sale of their properties.

What Sellers Are Up Against

As a professional company that has been buying houses for a while, we understand the challenges that sellers have along with the tools in their toolboxes.

Sellers are dealing with a market that’s not always transparent. They may have time pressures in selling, too. The longer they keep a property on the market, the more costs they have in maintenance and other financial impact.

We also know that making decisions about a property can be difficult. They’ll have to decide whether to put it on the market and try to get top dollar, paying a sizable commission, or skip the commission and split the difference by getting a good, quick, easy sale price.


In fact, part of the issue is that you do have these alternatives, and it’s hard to choose one or the other.

People feel like traditional real estate agent processes are the only way to go. But again, you can avoid some costs such as a 6% commission with a quick easy home sale to a buyer who pays cash and takes on all responsibility for maintaining and fixing the property to market themselves.

That’s the business model, really, in a nutshell, and it takes a lot off of your plate. Sellers who don’t want to go through the whole process understand that they can win out by taking a fair and reasonable market price.

No Tough Sell

Now, some people steer away from these types of estimates because they fear that they’ll be pressured into using a particular company.

We say it right on the website: there is no tough sell, so there’s nothing to worry about. You’re not locked into a certain kind of contract. What you’re doing is just seeing what your alternatives are, so that it’s transparent, and then you choose the best one.

So that’s just part of how we help sellers. You might not think about it if you’re not in that situation, but when you’re under the gun with a real estate property, having that other alternative can be a real life-saver.

Whether you have an inherited property in flux, a tenant problem or anything else, we can help. We’ve found that a lot of times, part of our role is in problem-solving, and we’re okay with that. Come down and we’ll talk about the market realities here and what you can do with your real estate.

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