With The Push Of A Button

With The Push Of A Button

There’s sort of a common assumption for many people, that the optimal way to sell a piece of real estate is to go through the conventional market with an agent.

But when they sit down and look at all their options in a clear-eyed way, many are finding it’s a better idea to use a company like us that buys houses!

Why is that? Well, it’s really mostly a question of time and money.

Let’s talk about some of the major benefits of using a quick sale service rather than taking your chances on the open market.

Fast and Efficient Sales

People who have experience in selling homes know that the process is typically neither fast nor efficient.

In fact, there are all sorts of delays that happen in between the initial decision to put the property on the market, and the settlement table experience.

Some of these involve home inspections and waivers. Others involve financing. Some of them involve communication between buyers or sellers to negotiate and set a price.

But other elements involve some of the logistics involved in showing a home. What about being able to move out and get all your possessions out of the home before shelling? This can contribute to a significant delay.

Now think about this: what if your home sale process was as simple as pushing a button and getting a fair price?

The Commission Process

Now, a lot of people might think: ‘well, I’m not going to get top dollar for my property if I don’t put it on the market…’

But they fail to factor in the 6% commission that is a common part of conventional sales.

Beyond that, they also fail to factor in closing costs. There are all sorts of crazy costs involved in closing with the buyer, especially if they have a lender. The lender has to make sure the buyer qualifies, and all sorts of red tape and documentation apply. So even if this process with the lender and the buyer doesn’t impact closing costs, it might impact your deal timeline.

By contrast, you can sit down with a company that buys housing cash and hammer out an agreement instantly.

We like to point out that you control the closing day if you work with us, whereas if you work on the market, you really know nothing about the closing date until well after you meet your buyer.

Cleanouts and More

Now think about this – is it easy for you to get everything out of your home in order to present the buyer with a clean move-in?

It’s surprising how quickly assets can become liabilities if you have no place to store them or no way to move them easily. But moving doesn’t happen with the push of a button.

That’s why we include free cleanouts on our end. That means you can leave whatever is in the home if you need to, and we’ll take care of it at no charge.

That’s some of why people really love the ability to make one of these cash deals. For some of them, a lot of it is about logistics. Imagine getting up each morning trying to find ways to move old boxes of items from one property to another. If it sounds stressful to you, you’re not alone!

What you can do is simply get a fair price estimate from us, and put it up against what you would expect on the market. Then make your decision, and you may find that selling your home was much easier than you thought it would be at the beginning.

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